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What is a reborn baby doll?

A reborn doll (Also Known As living doll or newborn doll) is an art-modified doll that is as realistic as a real baby. This process is called reborning and it is an elaborate and time-consuming work. The reason why the reborn doll popular is that the doll's expression, body shape, surface material, and other attributes have been similar to human infants.

What should I consider before buying a reborn doll?

Boy, Girl Or Twin? The gender of a reborn doll affects the type of clothing you buy and dress. Choosing the one that you want in your heart will help you take care of them better.

Mini, Newborn Or Toddler? Preemie reborn dolls are also known as a mini reborn baby. Newborn baby dolls are medium-sized dolls. Reborn toddlers are the largest size. Are you buying for yourself or for your child? What is your budget? These factors are all you need to consider when choosing.

Some people will say that a reborn doll is just a good toy, but it is not entirely correct. Reborn baby dolls are like a real child, they are easily damaged. Before taking them home, please make sure you are fully prepared.

Why buy a reborn baby from

When you decide to buy a reborn doll, the main factors you will consider are price, quality, delivery speed, and after-sales service. We have a number of baby doll product suppliers, we will provide you with the most reasonable price on the market without sacrificing product quality. We have cooperation with major express companies, your baby doll will be delivered in time. If you have any problems in use, please feel free to contact our customer service. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.